• It was a surprise discovery for a recent customer request at the Alberta Beach book sale

    I hit the road recently to check out a library book sale. Did I mention I love those!?! Even found an autographed beauty that more than likely will stay in my personal collection (let's chat if you're a big fan though!).
  • What's up at Spafford books in Regina? We pop in to see this Canadian bookstore legend!s

    Road trip to Regina, so of course I made some bookstore stops and picked up a few scores! Have you been to any of these stores? I really enjoyed the one book display (and back story) of Spafford Books.
  • Barry scares up a blooper or two (or more) in his St. Albert book store

    Bookbinding bloopers you say! Yes! I have those :) ...apologies in advance for swearing. I love bookbinding projects....keeps a great story together! Let me know what you think and if you ever need a little bookbinding done, you now know who to call!
  • Eyed up and found an interesting book at a recent garage sale

    Battled my way through baby clothes and more to discover a few good book finds at some garage sales recently. One book was quite special as it involved the founder of the community I live in - St. Albert, AB! The book prompted a visit to the oldest standing wooden structure in Alberta!
  • It was an exciting moment when Bailey the Book Man found a book signed by H.G. Wells

    Pretty darn exciting when you open a very old book to discover the signature of ......? Join me for another epsiode of Bailey the Book Man! ....and of course, come visit me at the store in St. Albert one of these days!
  • Road to Perdue

    Me and some of the fellas hit the road recently and made our way to Perdue, Saskatchewan. Word on the 'book' street was that there was an amazing book collection we had to see. Wow! Was it ever interesting.